A Bookfuturist Manifesto

From: Sue Myburgh, Food for thought (thanks, Dennis Moser):http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2010/08/a-bookfuturist-manifesto/61231/

TIM CARMODY – Tim Carmody writes about media and technology at Wired.com,Snarkmarket, HiLobrow, The Idler, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and other outlets. Together with the community at Snarkmarket, he helped write and edit a 2009 book titled New Liberal Arts. More

AUG 11 2010, 11:18 AM ET 28

The first thing to understand about bookfuturism is that “book” modifies “futurism” as much as the other way around. So bookfuturists aren’t just people promoting the future of the book; they’re also a different kind of futurist, the way a cubo-futurist painting like Duchamp‘s “Nude Descending A Staircase” is different, or Afro-futurism was/is different from typically white science-fiction culture.

A futurist (in Marinetti’s original sense) wants to burn down libraries. A bookfuturist wants to put video games in them. A bookfuturist, in other words, isn’t someone who purely embraces the new and consigns the old to the rubbish heap. She’s always looking for things that blend her appreciation of the two.

I started using the words “bookfuturist” and “bookfuturism” because of Joanne McNeil’s name for her Twitter list of wordly nerds who like to think about books and new media: “bookfuturism.” I was one of the people she put on the list, and as soon as I saw the name, I wrote, “I want to write a bookfuturist manifesto!”




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