Four matchmaking services for e-book borrowing and lending

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I’ve griped about e-book prices many times before, and I remain steadfast in my belief that publishers charge way too much for a product that requires no printing, consumables, shipping, storage (in the traditional sense), or other typical print-book expenses.

Fortunately, there’s a way to squeeze a bit more value out of the e-books you do buy: lend them to someone else, then get other loaned books in return.

This is possible thanks to the publishers that allow e-book lending. Not all do, and the terms are pretty limited–each book can be loaned out only once, and for a period of just 14 days–but it’s definitely a way to get more bang for your e-book buck.

If you’re a Kindle or Nook owner, check your digital library. You’ll see that some titles support lending; you just enter the e-mail address of the recipient and presto, off the book goes. (Annoyingly, you can no longer read the book yourself until the loan period expires.)

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