Google Readies Google Editions E-Book Store

By Rob Pegoraro; Posted at 6:30 AM ET, 12/ 1/2010
Washington Post
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Google is ready to crack the cover of its electronic bookstore. As the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, it plans to open its Google Editions site by the end of this month.

Google è pronto ad inaugurare il suo bookstore elettronico.   Come ha riportato ieri il Wall Street Journal,  Google ha in programma di aprire il  sito  Google Editions entro la fine del questo mese.

This will be an outgrowth of its Google Books project, which allows visitors to browse and preview titles. But where the Mountain View, Calif., firm’s existing service points would-be buyers to such stores as Amazon, Google Editions will allow them to buy and read an e-book without leaving that site. They’ll also be able to download copies to computers and unspecified e-reader devices for offline reading.

uno sviluppo del progetto Google Books, che consente al visitatore di sfogliare i  titoli e fruire di un’anteprima del libro. Ma mentre Google Books fornisce l’accesso all’acquisto presso bookstore commerciali online, quali Amazon, Google Editions consentirà agli utenti di acquistare e leggere un e-book senza abbandonare il sito. Inoltre, per la lettura offline, gli utenti saranno in grado di scaricare le copie sui propri computer e non su specifici dispositivi e-reader .

A “Getting started with Google Editions” page on Google’s site explains how this will work for publishers. They’ll be able to set a price no higher than the lowest list price for a physical copy of a title (Google’s default is 80 percent), opt to offer a discounted bundle of paper and electronic versions and choose whether to impose Adobe-provided “digital rights management” controls on downloaded e-books.

Mass-market e-book stores such as Amazon’s Kindle Store have made DRM the default, at least for major publishers. It would be a welcome shift if  Google let any author or publisher easily decline DRM upfront.

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