PA statement regarding our position on library e-lending

22 OCTOBER 2010

Stephen Page’s speech at the CILIP PLA conference outlined the close and supportive partnership between publishers and libraries, and the particular importance of this during tougher economic times.  He also set out The Publishers Association position on ebook lending, which has attracted some negative comment from Bookseller readers.  It is disappointing that this proposal of a constructive settlement can be interpreted as a “declaration of war”, so it  may be useful to restate the case being made and hopefully clarify the underlying position. More

Stephen Page nel suo discorso alla conferenza CILIP ha delineato una collaborazione solidale tra editori e biblioteche, e la particolare importanza di questa collaborazione in tempi di congiuntura. Page ha esepresso anche la posizione dellaPublishers Association in merito al prestito di ebook, che ha attirato qualche commento negativo da parte dei lettori di Bookseller...”