Are Standalone e-Book Readers Doomed?

Devices like the iPad that let you read books and much more are likely to dominate the market so fully that standalone e-book readers have little hope of hanging on to much market share, new research suggests ….

Opinions: 1. I’ve read these statistics, as well. I just wonder how many of the folks that were surveyed have tried to READ a book on an iPad (vs. a dedicated ebook reader?) I see the smartphones & tablets (whatever one generaically calls the iPad & its coming competition) as being a great stopgap for waiting in the doctor’s office or other places of limited duration, reading a few pages, chapter at most. HOWEVER, my personal experiences and the comments I’ve read COMPARING the products side-by-side…at least for the short term…the ebook readers are better for most (human) readers that read large amounts of text (in bed, at the pool side, in the airport or nn the plane, on the cruise ship, in the comfy armchair at home, etc.) My frugal nature & common sense have me holding off until the next version of the iPad is released… 2. Most ebook readers are not self lit. I have talked to several people that have used a Kindle and an iPad. They have switched to the iPad because it is back lit and can do other things as well. I prefer the Kindle for many reasons such as weight, e-ink technology, and I am not distracted by other things. I already use my smart phone for all the other things that the iPad offers. Based on the comments I have heard from our students that tried the Kindle DXs as a textbook replacement, it seems tablet devices better meet how the students read and study. They can also offer the supplemental multimedia content that students are begging for to go with a textbook.